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Classroom Management Software

Technical Specifications

Teacher Screen Sharing

The Teacher Screen Sharing feature in the Classpad allows the teacher to share her screen with all the students and ensures that they cannot view anything else.

Share Your Screen


The Lock feature in the Classpad puts the control in the hands of the teacher. This feature gives her the ability to blank the screen and lock the tablet of any student.


The Annotate feature enables the teacher to emphasize particular portions of the content. Any marking, highlighting or text typed out by the teacher on the Whiteboard or PC appears instantaneously on all student Classpads.


Share Student Screen

The Share Student Screen feature allows teachers to share any student's screen with the whole class. This feature can be used to commend good performances, and are especially useful to encourage students to participate.



The Chat feature allows teacher-student chats for instant clarification of queries.



The Assessment feature allows teachers to create, assign and evaluate assessments, and view reports based on a large number of scientific parameters. Once the assessment times out, the answers are automatically submitted and reports are updated in real time.


Classteacher Library

Allows the teacher with access to Classteacher's vast library and resources, containing wide range of learning modules, images, worksheets, etc.


Class Monitoring & Regulation

Various features like Collaborate, Lock & Poll enable teacher to have full command over what student is seeing and what teacher wants to show to the students.


Last Class View & Planner

The amazing Last Class View feature provides the snapshot from last class, making it easier for student to catch up from where they left earlier.


Collaboration & Snapshot

These interactive tools enable the teacher to get snapshot from whiteboard anytime during the class and save it on the students' tablets.