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Harekala Hajabba – An Educational Dream of an Illiterate Fruit Vendor.

The inspirational story of fruit vendor Harekala Hajabba, an illiterate who toiled hard to provide education to the children of his native place, has found a place in the texts of two universities.

Kuvempu University and Davangere University have adopted the story of humble Hajabba in their books. There is no doubt that his story will be able to convince students that those who do not have money, position, or power, can also serve the society in a noble way.

Hajabba, who succeeded initially in opening first standard in his school, has over the years, been able to extend his school till the tenth standard. He has been trying to open PU College since the last couple of years, and hopes that a college will come up in his village soon. He even met the Chief Minister recently to renew his request for sanctioning of a PU college.

Hajabba’s life and ideals will be provided as study material in the fourth semester of commerce degree students of Davangere University in ‘Sahitya Spandana part 2’. This text will continue in the syllabus of the university till 2016.

Hajabba, who hails from a very ordinary background, continues with his efforts to educate the rural people. He decided to set aside a few hours every day about 13 years ago, to fulfill his dream of building a school for the children of his village. He visited various people including people’s representatives, rich people, as well as offices, with doggedness and determination to satisfy his inner urge. He succeeded in realizing his dream, but continues to sell orange in the Central Market area in the city even now.

Hajabba’s services were recognized by ‘Kannada Prabha’ daily in 2004, when it picked him for ‘Personality of the Year’ award. A number of awards from the country and abroad have come seeking him since then. Now he has been able to get assistance from various sources, and he has also been honoured at various forums. A work on his achievements, authored by Ismat Fajir, was recently published by Kananda Sangha, Kantavara. His achivemeents were also narrated by the editor of the publication, ‘Adake’, Na Karanta Peraje, in an eight-page write up.

Hajabba’s residence is near Mangalore University. People of the region hope that Hajabba will be included in the syllabus of Mangalore University in near future.

Irrespective of the noble achievements of this humble man, there have been forces which are opposed to the continuance of his association with his school. Hajabba’s children, who studied in this school, have left the school. As such, many do not like his continuance as the president of School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC). However, at the insistence of MLA, U T Khader, Hajabba continues to discharge duties as the president of SDMC. Hajabba says he will continue to be in this post as long as Khader wants him to.


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