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Shri Parbat

Time to Know Some Virgin Peaks in Himalaya

We as mankind have climbed over hundreds of mountains and cliffs including the tallest one ‘The Mount Everest’, there are thousands of tough and tougher peaks in the world and man conquered most of them with his will and strength. But, yes there is a big but, man have failed to climb many of these tough cliffs, known as virgin cliffs, so here we are getting you some of the virgin peaks interestingly most of them are from our own Himalayan Mountain Range, so we will concentrate on this region only:


Officially known as Zemu Gap Peak, it is one of the tallest peaks in the world Zemu is also known as one of the tallest virgin peaks in the world. With total height of 7780 Meters and highly dangerous ways towards the top, this peak has made its mark as one of the mission impossible among mountaineers. The highest point claimed by mountaineers on this mountain is around 5547 meters and the total height of this peak is 7780 meters (mentioned earlier).



Shri Parbat:


As per Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Shri Parbat is one of the most prominent virgin peaks in India. With total height of 6175 meters this giant mountain and its great stubbornness kept every mountaineer to reach at the top of it. It is still unknown about till what extent the human will took our mountaineers in the tough expedition of winning this giant from Uttrarakhand state of India.



Unnamed Peaks Trio:

There are three unnamed peaks in Uttarakhand, India that are known for so tough that no have reached to the top of these mountains. Having the height of around 6148, 6044 and 6038 meters, these three are like three points of Poseidon’s trident that no one can touch. Sitting just around the Shri Parbat, these three are almost as difficult to climb as the Shri Parbat if not less. Thousands of expeditions held till now but no one had ever touched the top of these mountains.