CBSE Solved Papers Answers

CBSE Solved-Papers Answers

Today education is a highly competitive affair for students, high cut-offs are the example and you can get the idea how tough it is out there for students, even 90% marks are not sufficient for getting higher education. Now to question arises, what a student can do to run toe to toe with this stiff world? Answer lies in a classic word, known as "PRACTICE".

Classteacher Learning Systems presents its vast vault of practice modules and test papers, from where a student can practice and achieve perfection in their subjects that they can access through our carefully designed program named iPerform. iPerform has an extensive range of CBSE papers which is available in both unsolved and solved paper's form.


  • Topic Coverage: These unsolved and solved papers are carefully designed to cover each topic from every subject your child is studying. iPerform is home for the extensive range of practice papers that covers whole curriculum suggested by ICSE, CBSE and NCERT.
  • Customized Papers: iPerform platform also analyses your need, identify your weak points and suggest unsolved and solved ICSE/CBSE papers as per your need that you can practice with and get better in no time and lesser efforts.
  • Performance Monitoring: Our innovative solutions and applications provide a close monitoring on student's progress. iPerform and Classpad also provide previous attempted CBSE Papers and their results and comparisons and reports of throughout progress, making planning for your future much easier.

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