Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is an education system based on the Web that models conventional real-world education. Our solutions go one step ahead of VLE and provide not only web-based access to classroom material, assessments and ebooks but also offline access. Our solution provides not only distant education but also resources which can be used by teachers in schools facilitating 'blended learning'.

The Digital Interactive Classroom forms the backbone of the VLE, which can be accessed by the classroom computer and Classpads. Students can learn asynchronously, in any environment and at their own pace. They have the support of a 'collaboration tool' called Classteacher Study Circles. It is a social space where students and teacher can interact through threaded discussions or chat. Our solution also includes online chat with our mentors, where they can resolve their queries and discuss their performance with them.

We provide comprehensive tools for managing the access rights for teachers and the principal to the school administrator. Teachers can use templates to create tests, assessments and quizzes. Students can submit their assignments to the teachers and share documents with the class or with the teacher.

VLE economizes the time of the teaching staff and provides instruction in a flexible manner to students independent of time and space constraints. It allows for effective classroom administration, creation of lesson plans using existing or new resources, assessment, monitoring of students and allocation and checking of assignments.

It provides for personalized and adaptive learning and the automatic integration of the results of student learning into Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) systems. It provides an effective learning environment as the information is absorbed more efficiently because of the use of different techniques.

In short, it provides a flexible, self-paced, self-directed, consistent and personalized way to learn and teach.

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