Digital Math Solution

Digital Math Solution

Classteacher Math lab allows improved conceptualization through experiential learning. Math lab is completely structured on NCERT; it's a blended solution of:

Technology and activity based teacher and learning.
  • Technology based learning:

A license of leading software's which are dynamic, interactive, versatile and user friendly.

  • Activity based learning:

Mathematical engagements offers teaching and learning Aids manipulative, learning by doing Number games, activities based learning compromise of interesting and innovative manipulative to help student learn from 'do and discover' approach. Student gets connected with the real life scenarios with the help of kits such as money kit, mirror dice kit, clock, hollow cylinder, dummy cheque book etc. And there are other kits to get connected to the theorems, numbers, geometrical kits, angels and volumes kits.

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Advantage of classteacher Math lab:

Math lab allows student to understand practical world and logic behind practicality with the help of numbers and figures. It helps to find the reasoning, to relate and to understand logic behind the every number. Math lab provides the assistance and helps to a student learn the attitude; "yes, I can because i know it!".

Math lab provides every possible learning to explore the logic and reason with the visual co- relation, by getting and solving problems in every view.

  • Visualization and demonstration of the mathematical concepts in a 'fun & learn' through Math lab aids, interactive tools and manipulative make things go easy.

  • Math lab Removes the fear and builds confidence among the student.

  • Math lab helps to expand the horizon, thinking and create possibility to be excellent in Numbers.

  • Math lab is based on the (CBSE) NCERT Math syllabus and caters to students from primary to secondary level.

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